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Dead bodies are floating on our sacred rivers like Ganga and Yamuna. Funerals taking place every door steps. Hundreds of pyre can be seen in every street. We have heard a lot  of  people dies due to poverty  but never heard thousands dying due to lack of oxygen which is terrifying to the core.

The same kind of incidents happened in the history of Humans even before. In 1817 – The first of seven cholera pandemics originated in Russia, which lead to the death of over one million people. This cholera is spread  to India by infected British soldiers and millions more died. Later the spread cholera reached to Spain, Africa, Indonesia, China, Japan, Italy, Germany and America, over 150,000 people where killed. In 1885 a vaccine was created and the pandemic continued.

In 1918 -The avian-borne flu, the Spanish Flu that resulted in 50 million deaths worldwide, It was first observed in Europe, the United States and parts of Asia before swiftly spreading around the world. At the initial stage there were no effective remedies or vaccines to fight this killer flu strain. By October, hundreds of thousands of Americans died and body storage scarcity hit crisis level. The flu later disappeared in 1919 when most of the infected person had either died or developed an immunity towards the threat.

We have witnessed that either it comes on the name of Cholera, plague or Spanish flue but it happens in every hundred years in the recent history. Millions died hundreds of millions lost their relatives. Since it’s a global issue we can’t turn back from these issues instead how quick we react on these calamities to prevent or freeze. The best examples are there like New Zealand, Australia and Israel. The rulers of those countries were pro active instead of giving speeches they have taken immediate actions to prevent the virus and bring down the death rate.

What India has done?

Making noises by clapping and marketed it through so called intelligent printed and visual Medias in India.

Lighten candles and rulers dominated over the public once again.

They have done election rallies everywhere and announced themselves as they have defeated the virus.

They have granted permission to do religious functions instead of restrict them to gather and made sure their vote bank.

Police arrested common people who have gone out to meet their daily needs. They showed heroism towards to poor and declared we are here to break the chain.

Is that chain broken? No

Is the communal harmony reestablished? No

Is there any major changes happened in public mind? No

Is this the way to handle a pandemic situation in India? No

The  public always running after three ”C” – Complaint, Comparison and Cash.

Does all these three C s are bringing happiness to human? Not at all.

Where are we running without looking the wounded neighbor? What all are we achieving, if you can’t live happily and peacefully?

Where is our Aarsha Bharatha Samskara ? When will our leaders start to understand the value of human life ? India has became a country where humans  are dying like animals and animals treated like Goddess. We had Taj Mahal and Kutub Mennar which represents the great Mughal rules. We had Ajanta and Ellora which represents the skills of Indian engineers, hundreds of years ago. We had temples like Ranchi and Madurai Meenakshi  temple where all the people comes and shows their communal harmony.

Where we lost?  When will we come back? Is there any return possible?

All these episodes educate that, there are no short cuts to victory and no bypass to achieve a proper result. Short term solutions may not work, when we are looking for brilliant outlook. We should have an appropriate vision, learn from the mistakes. We have witnessed so many speeches by leaders, visionaries of this country and unfortunately most of them were futile when it came to action. All problems are not a problem, but the actual problem is not finding a solution for the problem.

Therefore let’s be more visionaries, optimistic, action oriented and determined to face the current challenges of our country today and also be prepared to face any kind of challenges in future whether it’s academic, professional or personal.

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