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“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country”- Jawaharlal Nehru.
Children are the future citizens of tomorrow. Childhood is the time for children to be in school and at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and an extended community of caring adults. It is a precious time in which children should live free from fear, safe from violence and protected from abuse and exploitation. What we learn what we see and what we experience in childhood matters for our entire life. The childhood memories are something everyone remembers for their lifetime. It is the period that everyone cherishes for their life time as this is the base of growing. All the activities, be it studies, playing or anything, this will be remembered. And these are so special that they should be saved in a unique way. Our childhood experiences may stick with us for years and continue to influence us well into adulthood.
From birth, children are active participants in building their own understanding. They do this by experimenting, observing, and participating with other children and adults. Every child is influenced by their surroundings and the people around them. How people care about other, how they are respecting each other, how they love each other, in the same way the child copy from them. Children don’t know to differentiate people. they don’t even know what is right or
wrong. Children grabs what we teach them. Now a day’s people are so critical in raising their child. Everyone wants their children to be perfect and excellent in all areas. Most of the time Parents gives strict rules and regulation for their children to lead most successful future life. But they didn’t realise the child’s interest, their skills and also forget to teach the lesson of being passionate to life. Never forget that a child has his own desires, likes and dislikes, which
should never be discouraged. Everyone always missed out to learn human values and humanity to their children.
In my childhood days I have seen many adults making mistakes and clarifying that we are adult we can do that. I have seen even teachers bullying their students and being so judgmental. Parents Comparing their child with neighbourhood’s children and also, they forcing children to compete with their friends thereby injecting competitive mind rather than helping and supporting each other. Even racism, religious beliefs, selfishness, practice of bullying, Partiality,
gender inequality are injected to each person’s mind is through childhood.

These kinds of false beliefs are still transforming into next generation without any obstacle.
Every parent wants to see their kid flourish and become successful in life. For that every child should understand the importance of being a good human to the society before than attaining successful career. Teach your child to extend a helping hand every time an opportunity may arise. It can be little things like helping to water the plants, carrying a bag of groceries for the elderly neighbour, helping someone with directions. Inspiring to care for others and considering the requests of others first may promote the values of compassion and kindness. Encourage your child to harbour feelings of forgiveness towards others. The ability to forgive others is important for peace of mind and for being happy in life. Create opportunities for your kid so that he may develop a love for learning. Help him to discover his passion and then support him to strive for it. Parents may wish to coach their child to be a better sport and lose or even win gracefully. They may be inspired to take failures in their stride and look upon them as learning lessons. Children who are actively involved in playing sports and accumulate healthy experiences of winning and losing on the field may be better equipped to deal with failures in life. It is important to teach our children about humanity, sharing, equality, honesty in their childhood itself. Rather than competing with their friends and families teach them to help, care and support everyone around them. Teach them to respect everyone living beings. Today would be a perfect time to start creating the ideal world of tomorrow. So, go out there and be a good role model to all kids. Ensure that you set good examples to those who look up to you. This way, you are assured of a happy and prosperous future.
Let the coming generation be soul of the peaceful world!

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