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This is the future. The little things like looking at a star or moon, sunrise or sunset is off the
Apparently everybody is busy. Whether we a 5 year old or a 15 year old we have some or the other work. We are one of the most productive generation of people, yet we lack something very fundamental and vital. I always thought the technology and artificial intelligence have advanced so much that humanoids almost behave like a human. But the thing I didn’t notice is that we have almost started to behave like a machine.
Our life is full of burden. And that’s why we forget or ignore the simple little things in life. This is a generation of people who will actually start living their life only after the retirement. This is a generation of people who have a dictionary in which they have a word called adjustment. This word looks very appropriate and is very useful in life and accountancy.
We adjust with corruption, we adjust with religious atrocities, we adjust with unjust laws, we adjust with injustice, we adjust being human, we adjust, and adjust and adjust and that is the most of our life.
Our lifestyle have made us so much busy. We don’t have time for anything in a day of 24 hour. But what we don’t know is that we do have time. We might have forgotten but there is an Indian concept called “time pass”. In the midst of some work we find some time to just time pass. And in that moment when we actually time pass we start to behave like a normal human being. So what is the most humanly thing to do in this time and age, I will definitely say that is “Time pass”. Time pass can be anything, it can be looking at something like a sun, star, trees, flowers, nature or something like experience i.e. feeling the breeze, feeling the sun, feeling the cold water.
Now there will be some confusion like looking at something like a sun, star or something like feeling the breeze, feeling the sun, feeling the cold water is very normal thing to do and how
can it be considered a time pass. Now doing all this things is time pass because we are very busy and our lifestyle have made us to forget or ignore things like looking at star. Sad truth is that we can enjoy simple things only when we time pass and after retirement.
Now, this is the reality of life. This is the new normal.
Having a specs is new normal.
Chatting more than talking is normal.
High stress level in youngsters is normal.
Having diabetes is normal.
High blood pressure is normal.
Carrying a 10 kg school bag before the age of 10 is very normal.

Eating junk food is common.
Visiting hospitals more than visiting school is common.
We are ready to tip more than 100 Rs to a waiter in a restaurant who didn’t do his job properly is normal.
We are not ready to pay more than 10 Rs to a handicapped man who polished your shoe properly is also very normal.
We have plenty of time to look into a phone screen and smile but don’t have time to look at
a small child and smile. We don’t get worried when we see an accident in road to a stranger but our life will be upside down if our phone gets damaged. We have plenty of time to be sad for the things that happened in the past but we don’t have time to be happy for the things that’s happening in your life right now. We have plenty of time to play video games like pubg but don’t have 5 minutes to talk to your grandparents. We have plenty of money to spend on our bad habits but don’t have enough money to buy the necessary medicines for your family. We are ready to waste lot of food but not ready to give even a small portion of the food we waste to someone hungry in the street.
Everyone, is working hard to live a happy life but no one is ready to be happy or enjoy little
things in life. Everyone, is ready to participate in the race of life but no one thinks about what you will gain and loose after the finishing point. Life makes you sleepless at night but makes you sleepy at work. You are not able to be happy in life because you always compare your achievements and happiness with others.
Time is always your enemy, never stops for you while waking in the morning, while going to
work, while catching a bus or train to attend an interview. When you rewind and think about your life you will see yourself restless most of your life. We lack inner peace. Because in this world the definition of peace or inner peace is “laziness.” We are forced to believe that we should not waste time and always study or work to live a happy and peaceful life by avoiding most of the things that makes you happy. And sometimes the result of it is very depressing. Fear of failing makes you depressed, it makes you to even commit suicide.
There is a sad truth that I found which is really depressing. A poor man who lives in a street
have more things to be blissful in life than people like us. I am not sad because a poor man is
happier than us in life but because we are not able to be blissful in life compared to a poor
man. Everyone knows why it is like that but no one really care about it. That is to be happy
with little things that happens in your life.
We don’t have the power or ability to stop time, but we can stop what we are doing right
now and take a moment to just time pass. That is to be the most human self you can be by
doing something which just passes time and also make you happy like feeling the breeze,
like making a child happy by just smiling, by eating your favorite food even though you are
not hungry, by daydreaming anything and everything, by listening to the best and worst
type of singers, by talking to strangers, by counting stars at night, by emptying water from
the beach, by waiting for the teacher to look away to throw the paper ball in the classroom,
by betraying the friend to teacher who just threw the paper ball in the classroom. By going

outside early in the morning to play with your friends and going late to school because you
were playing in the morning.
My dear friends, let us don’t wait till our retirement to enjoy the life. My humble advice to everyone is to take a few moments in your life to just “Time pass“. To be the best and most
human self you can be. To live in the moment. To enjoy the little things in your life. To be in
inner peace. To be you.

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