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“The shades of friendship can’t be fade at any situation or condition. Different shades of friendship with different friends, some are close, some become best”.
Dedicated to all my dear MIIM Friends!

In everyone’s life there is atleast one close and most special person in our life
and is the person we call our true best friend. Friendship is an extraordinary gift in our life, not only a gift it’s the most important asset. It’s really interesting when an individual gets to know various individuals during life venture. Among these, we find different types of people who have similar choices and same wave length. Automatically, we become so close to that person and spend more time together. We share almost everything with our best friends. They support unconditionally. No matter whether we are happy or sad, our friends will be there for us always. The kind of love and care they give us it’s a blessing. Slowly, step by step, a sort of relationship creates, which end up leaving dependable impressions throughout one’s life.

Our definition of friendship may change during our lifetime, but its value remains constant. Our very first friend from nursery till our MIIM roommates, we can really find the depth of the friendship. Some friends we make in our childhood and then loss contact as we grow older, other friends we make as adults and stay in touch with as as long as we are in close to and its connect to keep in touch but then over time one moves away or their busy schedules slowly pull as apart and loose the touch with them.
But thankfully with help of this digital era, we can keep our contacts with our friends, especially with our school friends. But I have a personal experience that even though I contacted with my best after a long gap but the bond between us remains the same. Most of us have experienced the same. So yes, best friends don’t need any daily conversations to stay connected, their bond remains constant!

True friends always make time to listen to our problems and will give a good suitable solutions and they are source of honest feedback and our continuous support. We have lots of fun together, even when we are doing nothing special. We can even communicate without talking and seem close despite living miles apart. We have the mutual care and understand each other’s feelings. They watch your back, observe all your movements secretly and lend you their shoulder when things go wrong. They know the time very well, when we need their space, without calling our friend will come and console us. By looking into our eyes they can feel our pain. Our friends are our support system and encouragement. That’s True Friendship!!

Sometimes we are in a situation of self-doubt or lacking confidence, if that go and talk with our best friend, you can see the magic there, all our worries will vanish for sure. It’s a feeling like someone is there for us. They know how to handle us in all situations. Even though we might don’t talk to each other for some time but will go back to our friend in their bad times and try to resolve the issues. Not even for a moment, we can’t bear the pain of losing them. Eventually one day, all the memories of fights will create more bond between us. In that period we realize how much we miss each other, how much care and love we gave to each other. When the bonds are formed between two persons that span any distance is proximity and where the bonds run so deep no amount of time apart or lack of words will change the way we felt about that person. And that’s the real Magic of Friendship!

Our society have always a doubt that whether a girl and boy can be good friends?. A Big Yes! A boy and a girl can be good friends and such relationships can be very special and great social learning and conditioning in our formative years. A Girl-Boy friendships is perhaps one of the most beautiful gift that one can experience in their life. It’s a perfect combo of a myriad relationship and one that has shades of protective streak between siblings, brutal honesty of friendship, care and understanding of lovers, dependability like of a child and parent, advices like a teacher, life coach, support system and someone that is always there to have your back. There are many variations for this combination. There is a saying that, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, when they came together, they make a fuller brighter universe. Friendship has No Gender. It’s time to cherish your Friendship!

Again there is a doubt, Are friendship forever? No, not all friendships are forever. We all grow and change in life. To stay the best friends bond and values same and grow in ways the other person can accept. If this isn’t possible if one of you is taking a new direction that the other person is not comfortable with, then it might be the time to wish each other well and let go. It can lead into the wrong path of friendship like Toxic Friendships. It will ruin the friendship values. Before going too worse, put an end.
We must keep the values of Friendship!

Friendship is divine relationship. It serves you best not only on your happiest
moments but also when you feel low in emotions. A life without good friend is incomplete. Friendship is a relation which can make and break us in every stage of life. But in other words, it is an asset which is really precious. It give you sweat and happy memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and if you succeed in maintaining that precious relation, then you are the luckiest person in this world. The quality of friendship is essential for happiness. The benefits of healthy relationship remains lifelong!

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