Business Idea Competition 2k22

Win Prizes worth INR 15000

Last Date to Apply: 25th September 2022

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Entrepreneurship club of Marian Institute of Management, Marian College, Kuttikkanam is conducting this business idea challenge competition, open to all department students from Marian College, Kuttikkanam.

Our Objective

To enable the students to learn and gain experience in:

  • Developing business ideas that solves real life problems
  • Conducting business feasibility studies using primary and/or secondary data.
  • Present ideas to peers as well as entrepreneurs, innovators, business professionals, and academicians and get funding
  • Develop successful start-ups from the campus

Rules and Guidelines

1) Eligibility for participants

All Marian College department students are eligible to enrol for the competition.

2) Application and registration

The students can register via TELEPHONIC REGISTRATION or via this website.

Cost of registration: Rs. 100 per team

3) Team information

  • Teams of not more than five students each will compete. Students will participate in this activity as teams.
  • On student can participate with only one team
  • Each team will be represented in the tournament by a Leader who will submit applications on the team’s behalf.
  • No team member can be replaced once they are chosen as one of the top 5 teams for the Final Presentation Round.

4) Presentation

  • The oral pitch/presentation should be convincing, creative, and explain clearly the product or service.
  • The judges’ queries will be answered with consideration for quality.

Competition Guidelines

You can alter the sequence mentioned above, but it must still look professional and the business concept must be clear.

Please use this only as a guide for your presentation. In addition to this, you can include other topics in your presentation that are relevant to your business idea. The brief summary of the idea should be included in the PPT.


No further discussion will be had regarding the judges’ judgement, which is final.

The committee will have the authority to alter the programme as it sees fit.

Submit your business idea now!

Win Prizes worth INR 15000