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My mum always put a pinch of salt in to the payasam she always used to make. Whenever
she does that I always raise that same question “ why are you doing this mum?”
Her reply will be the same. A pinch of salt in a sweeter payasam will give a special taste to it.
Today when I think about life I always connect what she used to do while making payasam
with life. Life needs to be more tastier than any dishes that we make. So definitely it needs a pinch of salt in it.
We all are leading different lives. We all are playing different roles in life. Sometimes life may be bitter. The path of our life may be filled with many hardships. There will be moments and days in our life when we feel like we are stuck and tired we can not move forward because our road ahead blocked in front of us. Actually it is an opportunity for us to take an adventurous deviation. To experience new things, to see new people to learn much more tougher subjects of life… just kidding…. In sum when we take a deviation definitely we will encounter darkest moments and see the beautiful lights. Everything will be there.
Because we have travelled a bit more than those who have started journey with us. But never regret about the time and energy you lost because you are really lucky enough to have different experience that we can not learn by paying money. Actually we are becoming a really different version of ourselves through all these process.
Life is too busy in this completely sophisticated world. We are running behind busy schedules of course we have to do that but sometimes many of us loose ourselves in between the journey. We need to energize our life. The answer for many of the things that are happening around us may not be easy to find. But definitely we will get some sort of sweetness or a different perception towards life if we take a break from the busy schedule to recollect the beautiful things that we have left behind years back in our life that now we call as MEMORIES.
I don’t know how many of you have studied in a Government school, Malayalam medium. I am specifically saying Malayalam medium is because the one language that I can handle effortlessly is Malayalam. I had a very beautiful childhood. A journey through our school days would be an energy drink for our busy life I guess. Sitting in pace with the morning sounds and getting relaxed and going to the beautiful memories of our childhood, those memories that we can make only ones in our life time. Cherishing those memories sometimes will become the striving force of our life. I am that kind of a person. Today when I look back one thing that I can say is ‘ I miss everything’. Everything means the sour taste of tamarind and the Indian black berry that me and my friends used to collect from the nearby houses of our school and The tall lean elderly woman who used to serve us jaggery pieces from her small business all these sourness and sweetness are still there in my throat. This sweetness from those beautiful memories is the reason behind the most blissful things that are happening in my life today. So keep that jaggery piece always in life to tackle the pinch of salt that is being added occasionally to the most delicious dish called life.
Maria Surabhi

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